My name is Charlie Lee, and I am a software engineer who lives in Phoenix. I have received my bachelor's degree in Computer System Engineering from Arizona State University in 2000. I have worked since 1997 as a programmer, and I have done numerous consulting work as a programmer. My resume : Word PDF

General Application Programming:

  • Expert in C/C++, Java and other high performance language
  • Low level application designing in high performance servers.
  • Communication Protocol, network programming, distributed systems programming, multi-thread/process programming
  • Mission critical system for fault tolerant design for 24/7 hospital environment
  • High Performance multiple tier application
  • Automation systems programming and pluggable module design

Internet Technologies:

  • PHP/CGI programming
  • Many application layers such as Drupal, Word Press, Zend Framework, Code Igniter
  • Web technologies application program using MySQL, PHP, CGI, SOAP, Rest, Ajax, and more
  • Google Map integration, text message integration, mobile friendly websites and more

Some of my sample works: